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Orca Law is dedicated to creating conferences and events for VAT advice and expertise. Established in 2014 Orca Law currently runs two annual conferences for VAT & Property and VAT & Financial Services and collaboratively publishes Martin Scammell's VAT on Construction, Land and Property with Bloomsbury Professional

19th November 2019


VAT & Property conference

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Can any of us really ignore VAT on property and construction? Everyone has property interests, everyone has to deal with property transactions from time to time. And it’s complicated.

There is also constant change. HMRC present us with new challenges, launch new initiatives and come up with new interpretations. Case law overturns received wisdom, and shows issues in a different light. This year, the future is harder to predict than ever.

To manage risk and spot opportunities – whether in your own organisation or for your clients – you need to know what’s going on, and to be sure that you’ve not missed an important new development. This event is your chance to hear a unique range of perspectives on current issues.


13th June 2019


VAT & Financial Services conference

Orca Law’s VAT and Financial Services conference offers the chance to hear from a mix of some of the UK’s leading experts across a wealth of topics and cases that continue to shape the world of VAT. This conference will provide an update on current developments, and what they mean in practice at a time when the future of VAT continues to be uncertain:

  • Perspectives from HMRC

  • The changing face of exemptions

  • New challenges, new worries, new opportunities

  • The practicalities of Making Tax Digital

  • All the latest VAT case law and guidance

  • Networking drinks


VAT on Construction, Land and Property

Published in collaboration with Bloomsbury Professional, VAT on Construction, Land and Property is widely recognised as the definitive guide to a complex subject. A detailed yet practical guide to VAT law and practice applying to construction, land and property matters in the UK and Isle of Man.