Privacy Policy


Orca Law is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy and personal information.


Our privacy policy may change or be intermittently updated, please check here regularly if using our services to ensure you are aware and informed.


How do we collect information?


All information is consensually obtained through services available on our website or by contacting Orca Law directly, for example: booking a delegate place, submitting payments, to register your interest in an event, etc.


What type of information is collected from you?


We collect any of your basic contact details submitted to us, including your name, email, phone and address as well as some basic information about your role or employment if given. We keep a record of your registered events, products or services purchased from us as well as any methods of payment and registered invoice address(es). We do not keep debit/credit card information. If provided, bank details shared with us by you (e.g. for refunds or payments) are retained for future reference. Our website may monitor your IP address but this information is not retained and as such is not used in connection with any personal information.


Conference delegates and event attendees will also have considerations such as dietary or accessibility requirements that they inform us of. This information is collected to be taken into account for relevant events and are taken into account when managing successive events to ensure our delegates’ needs can be met.


How is your information used?


Your information is used only for its intended use.

We may use your information to:

  • Process bookings for our events

  • Process orders that you have submitted

  • Distribute relevant information for events and services that you have registered for

  • Inform directly involved third parties (such as temporary staff or venue management) with only relevant information to ensure your required services are met.

  • Organise and manage events based on submitted information

  • Contact you about events, services and products that you have shown a legitimate interest in

    • Conference attendees (including relevant booking contacts) may be directly contacted about similar products and services or successive events as a legitimate interest.


Orca Law will not:

  • Sell, exchange or otherwise distribute your information with other third parties.

  • Give your information to advertisers.


Information will be submitted to law enforcement only when legal process is followed.


How is your information stored?


All information is kept within Orca Law offices and through secure servers accessible only to Orca Law staff. Information is retained for ten years after being obtained. For events some information is relayed to on-the-day temporary staff or directly-involved contractors to ensure delegate needs are met, on condition that such information is not retained for a period of longer than 48 hours. We do not share personal information with third parties.


To request details about your personal information or to request Orca Law amends or removes any information we hold of yours please contact